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    Gambler Sues the MGM Grand and Mirage

    A Californian businessman and gambler threatened to sue the MGM Grand and the Mirage as allegedly the company had exploited him on his gambling addiction.

    Shibley Horaney, from Long Beach California, is claiming that since 1995, representatives from the MGM Grand and the Mirage insistently implored him to open credit lines at the casinos which have impelled him to loose over five million dollars.

    Horaney argues that being a Californian resident and the MGM-Mirage contacts him in his home state; he is under the California law that the state will not lend its means to collect gambling debts.

    Horaney filed the case in a federal court as the MGM Grand and The Mirage are likely to sue him for not paying the four hundred seventy five dollars lent to him during his gambling trips in the casino.

    According to Horaney, the casinos gather information on Californian residents, especially those vulnerable to problem gambling, and influence them to visit the Las Vegas casinos.

    MGM Grand and The Mirage officers named in the complaint vehemently denied the allegation.

    Yvette Monet, spokeswoman of the MGM-Mirage said that the company did not employ such marketing efforts outside the course of their business.

    Horaney is seeking a jury trial.